A Million Miles To Nowhere

Walking a million miles to nowhere

Pondering the significance of it all

Life is not written on the palms of my hands

But on my shoulders

Weighing in what has been and is going to be

Walking a million miles to nowhere

I see the past

The story of me

The places where I crumbled when I fell

And the places where I learned how to rise

Walking a million miles to nowhere

I look to the future

But the visions of behind

Blur the forward motion of discovery

Stopping for breath

I thirst for the moment

I lie and wait until it comes

Finding the beauty of today

even if ugliness taints it
balancing the fine line of fate and will

I walk without apology

Writing a new chapter
taking my first steps

in a new place

Awakening to the brilliance of now

>~Almighty Heidi


MaQuade said...

After a million miles, it's not 'nowhere' that you end up. It's the sum of the experiences of the journey that you end with =0)


Greenfingers said...

This is beautiful.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you..I had this epiphany on the treadmill...walking..to nowhere..then I looked up and saw the news on the tv's..it so bothered me the ugliness of the world..and in my own world... I could not digest all my thoughts till now, they were a jumbled blur..and the blur made this......

Shadow said...

you go heidi!!! we're all on this journey together.

terri said...

i think sue mentioned this one needs to be a song?? i'm thinking so too......got a musician buddy? think we need to do this one up right!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Aww thanks Terri..I have no musician freinds..but i am sucker for music, it feeds my soul :o) Feel free to pass it along to your boys ;)

Shadow..hand on for the ride..might want to put your seatbelt on, if you are a passanger on my journey ha!!