The World In Color

Take me on a journey

Take my hand

Tell her you love her unconditionally

Go to the place where all the colors change

Because nothing ever stays the same

Take her far away from Grey

Grey is what she sees

Where the amount of love given

She holds her worth

Take her to the inner power

Of validation in her own self

Take her to the place of no guarantees

Where fear will not guide

But her own intuition

Because the colors

They always change

Step into the pool of reflection

allowing her to see her imperfections

let her work her way patiently through them

hold her and love her always

Lie her down in that sacred place

Of her own soul

Unclenching her hands

Away from her own vulnerability the need to protect herself

Taking away the stones she wanted to throw

Have her let go

opening up

I can finally see

all of the beautiful color.

Almighty Heidi


Fareed said...

Nice imagery with flamboyant quirks within.

Shadow said...

that's a nice place you've painted here...

terri said...

i'm really thinking you need to do some song writing........
this is AWESOME!

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

*hugs* sweet one