The past few weeks have been some tough ones. My son is going through a difficult time, he has ocd/anxiety issues, that I finally got him medicated on..and it worsened the symptoms. There are some other family issues as well…and it has made me emotionally worn.

I had a good weekend, but these things lingered in the back of my mind always.

I wish I knew how to fix him…to fix everything…..it’s not like it is when they are little and you can “Kiss it and make it all better”…and I feel utterly helpless.

Work has been just plain ugly. I had a dream last night about the building I work in. There was some kind of earth quake the building crumbled..and my job..was gone…then my own house crumbled..jobless and homeless..great.

Then a restless dream I have had a few times of being in a place and knowing I did not belong there…but not sure how I got there or how to leave….frustrating.

*sigh* even in sleep sometimes there is no peace of mind..I know this is just another phase..another season..another another...

But I know in my heart it will all be ok...and this gets me through..the another..

I believe in the magic this unknown force..that it will be ok..so Im just going to hold onto that for awhile.

Almighty Heidi

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Shadow said...

things have a habit of working out. wishing you strength and sending you my prayers!