Oh Father

I saw your soul crumble

the untamed force

of pain

Each room in the house holds memories

ripping open the already wounded

her " I miss you" phone calls

pierces your heart

trying to find something of substance in her words

the gravity of past pulling her deeper into the darkness

to the place where she left us all

How can I help make you whole again

picking up the shattered pieces of your life

that sacred place is your own

and you hold the red stained pieces
holding them in your palm carefully
as fragile treasures of the past
desperately trying to make it as it once was

The lingering scent of her perfume

stings his nostrils

I cannot comprehend the love of forty years gone

The image of her burns in your dreams

going beyond reason in your mind

begging her to come home

How do I help you breathe

and I have not the heart to tell you

she will never come.

~Almighty Heidi


terri said...

beyond powerful, woman....

Shadow said...

such longing.... your writing is EXcellent!

Rolf said...

You are very powerful

I wish you a Merry Christmas

Greenfingers said...

Very beautiful with so much feeling.

Chuck Dilmore said...

you are
an intense
and beautiful Writer.

best Holiday wishes to you & yours, Heidi!

Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

So sorry, Heidi. You have a gift; thanks for sharing it.