Thinking of the faraway

Welcoming thoughts

Traveling to the places

that pull me

Blue waters call my name

waves of oxygen

gathering in the light that surrounds me

the accumulation of the years

is quietly released, with each breath

Traveling to the fields

where the flowers

never fail to bloom

breathing in the scent

attracting the ambient light

visions of the future unfold

Climbing the mountains

sipping the cool water from the stream

energizing my soul

light shines through me

Hearing the song

of my own heart

love overflows with each beat

Indulging in thoughts of pleasure

Entertaining the magnificent

the life of where I belong

in my own mind

Desperately seeking


I am awakened

collpasing into reality

but for a moment comforted

I am reminded of the forever

So I sip my tea

close my eyes

and go back

to where light surrounds me

~Almighty Heidi


Tom Bailey said...

I like the guitar in the song being played at the same time. I am drinking a black tea - with a 2nd green tea bag at the same time.

The meditation is a little caffinated right now this is a nice work. It is the type of thing I would naturally gravitate towards in a book. Positive, easy reading and relaxing ... I like it.

Thanks for sharing,
Tom Bailey

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks Tom! I am a huge acoustic guitar lover...classical..spanish. Thanks for reading :)

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Love the music...and the soothing words.

Shadow said...

don't mind if i join you?