I Am Her

Late night thoughts..

I am her

who would not be born
untill her father entered the room
I hope to make you proud

Sister and friend
tell me all your secrets
and I will hold them as precious treasures
as we dream of who we want to become

who protects her young
the one who would place herself before the gods
without a blink begging
"Take me, not them"
Her who sees their futures soon to be

Who fiercly gives all her loyalty
and expects the same in return
vulnerably placing her trust
in the warmth of your skin
hoping you will keep it always

who writes in her journal
to her grandchildren
To the woman she hopes that I am
"Remember who you are"

Time too soon passes
I and I know
that I am her

~Almighty Heidi


foam said...

beautiful late night thoughts, heidi.
yes, you are her ..

Shadow said...

this is a wonderful vision you have.

Dani Sutliff said...

Love your poetry - always! Loved this one, especially the part about the grandmother....:-)

Loved reading who you are, in all your facets, in your own words and as (bodacious) almightyheidi.

And in answer to your question - yes, link away....

X. Dell said...

Powerful piece. Kinda difficult for me to read, right now, so it must be good.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you..all of you. Thanks for coming around xdell..ive missed ya ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Heidi.

I'm commenting on an earlier post because your email doesn't come up as a reply option from my comment section. (I like this post, anyway. Love writing that portrays the strength of women.)

Anyway, thank you for your comment on my blog post this morning. Yes, you get it. I knew that when I read your writing.

I hope your world is good today.


boo boo said...
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