What an uber cool way to bring in 2010.
New Years eve night I had the most vivid beautiful dream.

I was in Colorado, visiting my grandmother, then I decide to travel to this familiar place. I had seen it in many dreams before over the years. It was mountain that was flat at the top. I would hike there, then rest.

This time the dream continued on.
I was winding through the mountain roads.

The road I was on was actually cut through the mountain so on my left and right were towers of beautiful rock. It was spring, and life was..just..everywhere.

To my right were these huge white flowers the size of magnolia blossoms..tons of them winding up and down. I stopped and drank from the stream and the water was cool and so pure.

Then I was inside the mountian and there were etchings all allong the wall.
Ancient carvings..beautiful art.
Then I remember standing in front of the most magnificant one.
The etching was over 5 feet tall. It was of just a lions head, mane flowing.
The expression was relaxed, but confident, it's eyes were intuitive and peaceful.

I reached across and touched the stone, I almost did not want to..it was ..like ..holy ground...

I let my hands glide over the creature, the beautiful Lion...

Then I woke up in 2010.

Interesting huh?

Almighty Heidi


Dulce said...

BEautiful image, beautiful dream. I've transported there though your words.

terri said...

ohmygosh...it sounds really powerful....

i've heard it said that all parts of a dream are parts of yourself...

kinda makes that lion's head even more cool, huh?!