Note To Self

Why is it that we can so easily forgive others, see their beauty..uplift them, give them praise..but to our own selves..my own ...I sell myself short.
Note To Self
Be kind when it's difficult to see the goodness in you

Be patient with you when your lost in your own soul
this is when you are most creative.

Listen to music
she is your muse

Find your beauty
send tenderness to the place
that shuns your reflection

Let love in
and swell your heart
till she she is abundantly full

Never stop hungering for more
and when you do
dont listen to the whispers of self doubt
You will resent the time lost

Hold onto your passion
and she will find her way to you
Allow yourself to wander in dreams
but find
a safe place to dwell

Soothe and nurture your soul
when it is hurt and broken
care for it as you would your childrens

Never waver in your heart or mind
when you know the answer
deep in your gut.

And when you dont know..

Love me

Choose me

Pick me


What you feel
What you want
What you say

counts too.

~Almighty Heidi


Shadow said...

would you mind terribly if i chose to heed your note to yourself also?!

Dulce said...

Oh I so much agree with you... The others always so good.. and us...so very less than normal-
Good resolutions
Now I never take it ... So easy to undervalue oneself. Is this due to education, the idea they gave us about God and altruism and give give, give, without expecting anything in exchange... ??
I keep wondering
Great post

AlmightyHeidi said...

Oh sure Shadow..it's a sticky note you can take with ya ;)

Dulce...I think some of it was a former god thing in my case..and part of it being a mom and always giving..the self sacrifice sort of thing..thill finally you cant find yourself anymore.

Now that I am becoming familiar again...it is easier and much more natural to want to..nurture myself..take care of me for a change ya know?

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

If we dont take care of ourself first we have nothing left to give others.

Chuck Dilmore said...

oh, totally!
they never taught us
to be good to #1!

but you're right...
you have to learn
to love yourself
as if you are your own child.

and really
it does come
with practice.

you're there!
(you're everywhere you wanna be.)
peace~ Chuck

MaQuade said...

Glad I finally got caught up on your blog... I'll be reminding you of this one frequently!