Go With The Flow

Something..odd..different is happening…a whole new vibe.

Last year I did a lot of cleansing of relationships, people, and myself. I had to work on it, I had to work on it hard and let go.

This year, I wanted to make an all around healthier me…I wanted to last year, but the energy was not there.
Now..It’s just flowing, I can only assume because what my soul is carrying around is lighter.

The word "No" is fluent in my vocabulary..and it is easy for once.

No, I do not have the finances right now, No I do not need that peice of cake, No you cannot cross this line. No No No. I dont feel an internal guilt struggle. I just dont... wow.

The word "Yes" has found it's place as well.

Yes I will take a break and have a cup of zen tea, Yes I will go to bed early because I am tired, yes I will leave the laundry in the dryer... and again..no guilt..zip..zero..nada..none.

I read a lot before bedtime now, and I bought some new body lotion and a candle that I love..I cleaned out my truck and switched out some cd's in it. I also cleaned my office space..well..just because...thats what I wanted to do...not because I had to do it.

Im not sure if it really is a new vibe, or a brain tumor, because I actually enjoy going to the gym now instead of loathing it... hmm.

There is still alot to work on..I will always have things to work on, I never want to stop growing and evolving into the person that I am meant to be.
Untill then, Im going to go with the new flow..and enjoy it.


Almighty Heidi


suziart said...

Just found your blog and love it! Your words speak to me, especially this post! I am going through the same! Bless you!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you suzi..Thanks for stopping by! You have a beautiful site as well!

Dulce said...

'Yes' is always a better word...
Lovely ;)

Shadow said...

you are in a good place right now. the more we do it, the easier it becomes. good for you!