Inhaling silence

The place filled with the wisdom
of our spirit

and the ancestors before us
speaking without words

understanding the language
which is not yet written

teaching me to listen

Silence is the place

where invisible grace
is born

acknowledging humanness
It’s tender fragile body
healing her with loving thoughts
she uncovers her pain

Exhaling silence

breathing out
The turmoil of my mind

whispers of affection
fill my soul

taking its residence

among the new land of introspection

calm intuition
is delivered with not fear

but compassion
of the unknown

and I grasp
But for a moment

the unseen

and I hear her silence

the wisdom of her unspoken language

understanding the unwritten

and my soul begs me

to find her


~Almighty Heidi


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Empowering.

Shadow said...

the silence is filled with answers.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Christine..I love your writing, it is beautiful. Shadow...I know it is..i need to find..more quite.

matt at shadow of iris said...

This is very beautiful. I think our imagination is always bubbling up with thoughts from deep within, but it's so very hard to listen and hear -- amid all the noise.

What a lovely poem! :)