When Life Hands You Lemons..

Lemons are good..in a long island iced tea. I gave up making lemonaid.

I wrote an email this morning. Me, just like my truck..our alignent is off. IT wants to go right, and I keep pulling left, and Im just wearing out my tires.

I had a financial blow.. a big one, and now..my dream..oing back to school has to be ut on the backburner yet again, there is no way around it. So Im going to quit fighting it, and just..let it go..just for awhile.

This past week I got an unexpected smile in the mail. I had such an awful week, a bad day at work, on the way home..feeling hopless and defeated, I sat in my truck and cried all the way home.
Then I checked the mail..got a card from a freind..just letting me know that I matter.

This got me started on my guerilla art....What you say??


I remember awhile back..I had a dollar bill in my pocket and it said "It's going to work out, you'll see"

Little messages at just the right time are AWESOME. I have dry erase markers in the bathroom, and I leave notes for my kids, or silly pictures..and they do the same. It is just like mom shoving a note into your lunchbox.

There is another site that makes me laugh sometimes:


This site has litle notes, or scribbles in books, pictures or drawings found..posted by other people...not exactly Guerilla art..but cute...

So send out a message to the universe somehow...you might get someone thats pretty low..at just the right time.

Almighty Heidi

1 comment:

terri said...

guerilla art! what a GREAT idea!
i am so in!!

sorry about the finances, girl.
for real.
and the dream holding.

it'll work tho. and it'll be that much more valuable. cause you did it anyway. which you will.

in the meantime.....
you do matter.

and i love you....