At 5 and 6 we fought against the "bad guys"
in our underoo's, and capes made out of sheets

Making the world right
balancing the forces of good and evil
in the universe.

Valant heros
of the one room with airconditioning
on the steamy July afternoon.

The dark forces
invade our planet

"Didn't I tell you already
to go O-U-T-S-I-D-E" they say

We grab our invisible, but oh so powerful

plotting the ultimate demise
of the evil mothership and air conditioning conquest
for another day

as our secret plans

to find a neighbors pool




Anonymous said...

Your words are so truthful. They make me want to laugh and cry.

I think we should swim around in a vodka-filled pool, then watch a good movie with a box of tissue. Maybe "The Champ." Remember that one? Some of your writing makes me feel that way. And some of it just makes me laugh and smile.

The works about your childhood are... very personal and affect my emotions in ways I can't explain. Life is funny, huh?


Shadow said...

were life but so simple now...

AlmightyHeidi said...

Christine..wow..thank you, I love that the writing affected you. A big YES to the vodka filled pool..big yes.

Anonymous said...

No! Vodka-filled kiddie pool still on. I haven't moved to Constantinople yet!

Superheroes, reminiscing and drinking to excess... all needed diversions for the transition!

Don't leave me, Heidi! Don't leave me!

Anonymous said...

This was very impressive indeed Hedi...

Matt D said...

My childhood exactly -- and often I wonder if I've grown up yet or not. Beautiful writing.