Just scribbling....my innerself is having a temper tantrum today.

I want it all.

I am not spoiled, nor have been

I just want the moon and the sky

The apple pie and the ice cream

I want the happy

The joy

The life I want

The moments that take my breath away

I feel like I could just grab it

but Im out of arms reach

I don’t want to choose

Poverty or exhaustion

Hot or cold

Up or down

I want it all

all of it

But along for the ride


the good

and the bad


~Almighty Heidi


Mohamed Mughal said...

I know the feeling; I really do. But I'm glad to report that the full spectrum of my "wants" is beginning to funnel down to fewer and fewer, and that feels good.

Matt D said...

Yes, I feel the very same way, too.

Michael Van der Tol said...

Stare deep into the shadows as they evaporate with the in-between light;
it moves ever so slow; receding, abating, waning,
resignation of darkness, a must;
gives way to a simple release of resplendent warmth.