My Heaven

Take me to the place of in between

before the day is over

and the night begins

I can feel the earth slow

just for that moment

not quite spring

not quite summer

Where seasons

right before the change

blend as one

and I breathe them in

all is well.

Take me back to the fields I dream of

in my in between

not quite sleep, and not quite awake

where the breeze is always warm

and the sun shines upon my face.

I want to go back

to the in between


the present,

which writes itself, every moment

in every moment ,

I cant figure it out
and dont know what to do
everything around me
is moving to quickly

I need the earth to slow

I need to breathe

I need the sun to shine upon my face

take me back

to the in between

~Almighty Heidi


Dulce said...

The in between... warm, nice inviting safe place... that is-


Shadow said...

i love that brief moment between day and night, you've described this so beautifully...