It is hurricane season...the news tells you to get prepared..just in case.

When I lived in Kansas we had tornado sirens that would go off..to warn you that the shit might hit the fan.

I know..if we tap into it we have an intuition that things might be going bad..I knew it with my job.
Then there are other scenarios...that just happen, no warning sirens, no news flashes they just happen unexpectedly.

In the eye of the hurricane..it is the most amazing thing....the wind stops blowing, the sun shines..and you have a moment to regroup..to look at things that might have been damaged..do some assessment, and hunker down and prepare for the rest best you can.

I am in the eye. It is still, quiet and there is an erie glow in the horizon. Im just waiting to see where the wind blows...

I have this wierd peace..or false sense of peace, not sure...I'm assessing the damage and taking a moment to regroup and try and make it through the next phase.

So this is my quiet..the calm before the storm, or during...not sure just taking it day by day. The world around me is not done spinning yet..
In the meantime..I have love...and no matter which way the wind blows..I have love in my life. My children, my father..my friends. These are the things that will make the storm clean up so much more bearable.

~Almighty Heidi


Christine Robinson said...

Hi Heidi,

Your "Hurricane" piece here inspired me to post something from my book. My first inclination was to comment here on your post, but it was too long a remark that required too much explanation. So I thought it would be simpler just to make my own post.

Anyway, my point is, I know what you're feeling from my own perspective. We have much in common, though I have commented very little on your (or anyone else's blog).

I hope you don't mind that I've mentioned your blog post, and that I republished old material for you exclusively.

Hang in there, girl. Hang in there.


Elisabeth said...

Heidi, I'm new here via Christine's blog, Beside the Quiet Voices.

I'm taken by her inspired chapter and your thoughts here on how we deal with the unexpected and the disastrous which might well be expected and then not eventuate.

I hope the storm passes without too much damage, and that whatever damage it inflicts is manageable.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Oh Christine, thank you :) The excerpt is beautiful, and you *hear* me, you do. Thank you. Thank you Elisabeth, welcome to my world :)

Robin said...
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Robin said...

Very nice metaphor and insight. And as always you have such a nice way of not taking yourself to seriously (blah, blah, blah...).

Storms pass.