The swamp

Here is a clip, it made local news, the job I was let go from...along with all the other employees.


In sleep there is no rest

I dream of alligators ( I live in florida)

all around me,

there is no way out but through

the swamp is thick with mud

and I don't know which way is safe

and I am to afraid to go through

but to stand there

doing nothing is to give up

so I must go through

in faith, that it will all be ok.

But I do know

Sue..my Dad, Captain Makle and his wife Toni.

Jason..ahh Jason..you could just leave now

it is too much ..but you stand by

holding onto the tears

All of you wishing for lotto


Wishing to do more

Terri, Matt, Theresa,

Ed and Gussie, Akaska, Greenfingers, Robin

You are there

to try and lift me up

letting me know I am not alone

to try and keep my soul

away from the alligators

So I pray

to a god I am so unsure of

holding onto the invisable rope

to get me out of the swamp.

Thank you.

Almighty Heidi

(and the children of the almighty Kayla, Nathan, and Michael...and almighty pug dogs..the soul of unconditional love Winston and Cosmo)


AkasaWolfSong said...

Awww Sister....you are worth every minute of the prayers going up for you! Never forget that!
WE all get by with a little help from our friends. I truly believe that or I wouldn't be here.

Still praying for Sunnier Days and Kinder Ways to reach you and bring you out of the swamp! Kick those alligators in the chops and tell 'em to get the hell out of the way...you are comin' through!

Sending blessings and love!

terri said...

seems wrong for me to just say you'll make it thru. like i'm blowin' off what you're goin' thru. so i don't say that......and i don't know what to say. tho, i do know you'll make it thru. you may not feel very almighty at the moment, but it's deep in you.
i so wish i could take the pain away...

Matt D said...

I watched the video. Wow. I seem to be out of words today.

"Still praying for Sunnier Days and Kinder Ways to reach you and bring you out of the swamp! Kick those alligators in the chops and tell 'em to get the hell out of the way...you are comin' through!"

Ditto. Hang in there!

dulce said...

There is a always a hand out of the swamp offering you to come out... it's just a matter of observing and choosing the right one...


Wait. What? said...

I know this place, the swamp with the boot sucking mud that holds you in place, makes you struggle that much harder to leave it.

Sending you love.


laughingwolf said...

crap... the bloody economic downturn has hurt too many folk

steveroni said...

I have a feeling that you trust God more than you let on. If I do NOT trust Him or that there IS such a Being, then why bother with all this life stuff? The good and the bad?

Every time I lost a job--was in the "good" times...now THAT is depressing
of course, always MY fault.

More are praying for you and others in these economic predicaments than you might guess. And (I believe) God hears first those who call out to Him in great distress.

Please hang in with your beliefs, and stay blogging, of course--grin! We need to know you are OK!!!

BTW, I believe my brain IS an alien...

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder to me that any single parent can get through life in one piece. Many hardships seem insurmountable... a busted brake line, a higher than average electric bill, a sick cat. It's challenging enough, the day to day, but we still find our joyful moments and times to laugh. It's hard to come across those moments when you're struggling with something big. But when you spot them, grab them and let them lift you up.

Yesterday while I was sitting across from a friend tearfully explaining MY current cares and woes, his drinking straw splashed raspberry lemonade in his face. haha! Sometimes we laugh through the tears, eh? And thank goodness for that!