My Sun, My Son

I miss you
who was swallowed
by the darkness

The water is illuminated by the moonlight
brilliant and beautiful

you who
are evaporated by the sun
feeling there is nothing left

please let me hold your hand

hear my voice

oh son
I would give my own life
so that you could feel light on your face


Listen to the voice
that brings you back with the tide
because you are
brilliant and beautiful

~Almighty Heidi


terri said...

this is so hard to watch...
even from way way way over here.
i'm wonderin' how you're even standing.......and yet, i know,
you have to......

i'm out here, with you........

AkasaWolfSong said...

I too feel you immensely Heidi...

Hold that hope Sister...and I will hope along with you...

Still walking with you hand in hand Beautiful One! Still sending up Prayers too!