What If...

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win,
and trying when you know you can lose.”

What if..
today were day one...
you could start the change
you need in yourself..
or you could help someone else's day
or dream
with a random act of kindness

What if today
were the day you looked at yourself in the mirror
and decided to make peace with the person looking back?

What if today were not just some other days of going to work, or paying bills..

What if today you changed your perspective and
see the glass half full for once
even if there is nothing left in it.

What if today you tried to wear out the words " I love you"
What if you could taste, for a second how delicious life is today

What if
today, were tomorrow and you started all over again
the change you need to see in yourself
the kindness
the I love you....

~Almighty Heidi


Robin said...

Very nice poem. I like it.

[but the cupcake pic is making me hungry]


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem Heidi.

laughingwolf said...

stop the insanity... with cupcakes ;) lol

SY said...


What if's are dangerous ways of thinking but it's the only way to explore the possibilities