What Happens Next

What happens

when the life

that you love

does not love you back?

Today I read

"Each experience in your life was absolutely necessary

in order to have gotten you

to the next place

and the next, up until this very moment"

just for today..

I'm tired of the life lessons

I would like a vacation from lessons please.

I'm just wanting to buy my kids Christmas presents..

maybe for Kayla to have a pain free day

a second job..so I can take care of the kids..my dad...

I just want to live life and love it

without worrying about it every moment

and maybe

just for once

have life love me back

cause I'm trying over here..
I am
love me back.

~Almighty Heidi


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Matt D said...

I'm pretty sure we only learn when we err. Otherwise, we just get reassurances we were already right.

Most of life is flashes of insight admits lots of head bumps. But those flashes of insight make it worthwhile. Christmas is just nutty in America. I love the soft spiritual side of it ... but it really gets out of hand sometimes.

bettyl said...

Sometimes it's hard to wait for the next opportunity,but I think the trick is to enjoy the times in between.