Where has my faith gone?

The faith

Of the things unseen



Felt to my core

Deep down.

My soul


she begs

"Don’t stop
Never stop wanting

My mind steps in

Reminding me

That maybe it is easier to just settle
It's just over, it is what it is.

Lying down at the place of quitting,
Giving up..

I don't want to
but I can't raise my head.

So today I need you..

Borrowing your light for awhile

Your faith

Your energy

Because im so tired

I have fought for so long.

And I listen to the voice again that says

"Don’t stop.
Never stop
Never stop wanting

So I can get back up

and I know
as long as I am still breathing

Its not over yet.

~Almighty Heidi


Qn Dani said...

No - it's not over yet.


I have always loved this quote:

"The earth prepares for winters' cold, flakes on winds of promise blow. For what seems lost in darkest night can be found again in morning's light."

abitosunshine said...

Keep listening, breathing; for sure it is not over yet.

Great verse!

Robin said...


AlmightyHeidi said...

Thank you all. Qn Dani love the quote.

Dulce said...

So right!
Hope is the last one thing to be lost!
Greatly said!

Anonymous said...

nothing is really ever over ,sometimes we offer advice to others to listen to what our hearts or bodies ,are telling us at the Time .
Except we some how stop ,listening to our own self .

Nothing is ever over
There Lingering on tips of tree limbs ,are glisten drops of promises
The darkest nights ,among everything dark ,holds bright star ,shining promises

never give up ,on something your own self is whispering ,to listen

Sometimes most amazing Things in our Life ,holds such tiring struggle ,just to get to that place .
Once get to that amazing place .
It was the unknown that has bloomed to everlasting known