The Storm

The midnight quiet darkness is broken
dangerous lightning
ghostly wind
the trees sound like ocean waves outside my window
limbs bending forcefully back and forth
angry explosions of thunder make me curl up into my blanket
I start to hear the heartbeat of the rain on my window
and feal not fear,
but peace
~Almighty Heidi

My place, my truth, myself, I feel so safe and warm, and right.

But all around me there is a storm that has been brewing.
My youngest son Michael will be going away for inpatient drug rehab.
He was caught up in his own storm.

We were all having our own crisis..
and he was the left behind lost boy
trying to find his way
his sister having alot of surgeries,
his brother having a mental breakdown
his dad..disappearing
his mom finding her own way
He found comfort solace in all the wrong things.

Our family is broken
the storm rages
my mothers soul is being forcefully bent
afraid of the dangerous lightning
I hang on to the heartbeat of this new rain
trying to understand it and
make peace for what is and what is to come.
Finding grace in grief.

~Almighty Heidi


foam said...

amidst it all ..
your writing is art ...

Marty said...

My prayer is for you and your family this day. I will send it out to the other "Almighty" One.

Matt D said...

I agree with foam, your writing is art.

My thoughts are with you and your family.