I am Mom

I loved you before I even knew you.
I rubbed my belly
wondering who you were.

I was there waiting.

I know your dad has disappeared
in the times where you really needed him.

Your innocence,


and dissapointment..

but I will show up.

I will make sure you don't live without.
You will have a roof over your head
food, and clothes on your back

to keep you safe

I might work alot,

but I will always show up when you need me.

I will be there to hold your hand when your first love breaks your heart
with a gallon of ice cream and tissues and tenderness.

When you are hurt I will find a band aid
and when there is not one big enough for the ache you feel inside,

even though you want to put up walls of armor,

to protect,

from all the monsters...

not behind the closet but

from within yourself

the voices of doubt

that replays itself

over and over in your mind,

makng you feel like less than

but I know you are more.

the world is not right

and everything seems so wrong...

I will show up
to help you through.

If you mess up along the way,
life hands you things that you can't be ready for

I will be there.

When you take a wrong turn
I will show you how tough love can be,

and wait for you,

though it hurts to my core

to come back,
and when you are ready,

I will be right here..

because I am your Mom.

Although it has not always been good and perfect,
I am waiting for you
to find out who you really are,
knowing that

I loved you before I knew you.

~Almighty Heidi Momma


Marty said...

Thanks "Mom" for being there...

terri said...

beautiful, heidi......

Matt D said...

Beautiful writing!