American Hero

Growing up my big brother was always my hero. We are 17 months apart and were each others best friends and best enemies growing up. I thnk I had maybe been zapped by an electric socket when I was little (which would account for alot of unsaid issues) and If I had chores to do which included vacuming I was terrifed of plugging it in the socket. I would grab my brother and have him plug it in for me, and he would always do it never questioning why. He was my hero. He squished bugs for me, and was my protector on our walked to and from school. I would go into his room at night afraid of the dark and the shadows on the walls, and in his room there were never any monsters as I lay on the floor next to his bed.

My grandfathers, my father and my brother have all served in the military. My grandfather in World war 2, and my father in vietnam. Mark(my brother) has been serving in the airforce for 15 years. Our families have been outraged at the lack of response to Americas largest disater. We have donated money, even written to the president of the United States. My brother who felt he had to do something was invited to go onto a volunteer trip to Louisiana, and has requested with the Airforce that he gets stationed there to help.

Mark may have not fought in Iraq, or any war for that matter, but I am more proud of him for what he is doing now. He is truly my hero.



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happyandblue2 said...

He sounds like a hero to me as well..