Dream On

This labor day I threw out my back again scrubbing the green alge that has formed on my back patio from the wet, hot Florida weather. I am so miffed that I cannot go to the gym, as my friend is having an upcoming wedding, and I just need to look good.

So The last few days I took what was left over from a month ago when I injured my back...percocet. I took one last night after a hot soak in the tub and drifted off to sleep. A few blogs ago I talked about my weird dreams so heres another for you. This is the part where I think that I may be mentally unstable. :)

I dreamed I ws up in the north pole with Santa. His elves were grown men green superman underwear speedo looking things with hairy...legs and spiked high heels. ..oh and fairy wings. Yes they were flying. In the dream I looked around and said what the....and woke myself up remembering that maybe it wasn't just me, maybe it was the drugs:)

Someody help me!!




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Rainypete said...

That'll teach you to use percocet! Both in your real life and in your blog entry!!