Ahhh Sunday Mornings.

This post is in honor of my only other reader that I am aware of in the blogging world. I find it my duty to honor a married man that cooks, so if he is married and not gay...a straight man that cooks... He should get like a medal from the president or something for that. In the world of women he is our hero. Although the last blog he talks about cooking oysters and seafood makes me want to hurl. But hey, thats not his fault that the world likes these ugly shells filled with snot:)

Every Sunday I do my own cooking for the family. It is to overcome my giuilt for not cooking alot of big meals during the week, and tossing them a pop tart on the way out the door. This Sunday it was what my kids call "bubble eggs" which are eggs over easy, which I think are gross with the yellow stuff (another snot factor) oozing out the middles, but the kids love em. Then I diced some potatoes with onions, and fried them up nice and crisp. The finally was these sausages I got at the store yesterday. This is great tactics on the manufacturers part. There are old people all over the store handing out samples. They give you these big puppy dog eyes, like this is their job, and if they don't give me the sample, they will lose their job, and the supplement they get to the little tiny social security check, thus they will not have enough to eat, or pay for thier way over expensive (that pisses me off, perscription companies are going to hell) medicines and they will die if they can't give me the sample. Works every time. I eat the sausage sample, and BAM there it is. She tells me they are only 3.99 and here is a coupon for the checkout. So now I have sausages. They had artichoke and garlic, or sundried tomato, apple and cinnomin sausages, kinda whacky but actually quite good. I got the sundried tomato hoping my son wouldn't question why the sausges have weird stuff in them. Then of course I had to make a sausage gravy to make it the ultimate heart attack special, along with the super premiuimm, jump start your heart coffee, if you do have a heart attack.

Tommorrow is halloween and we will have 42 pounds of candy brought home by the kids. Nathan is this cool phantom with eyes glowing out underneath a black hood and body, Michael has a black smock as well but with a skeleton face with blood streaming down it, really gross but "awesome". He has a pump that he carries and every time he squeezes it it looks like blood is going over the face. Kayla could is a goth prom queen. We have different colors to streak her hair, which she thinks is the coolest thing. I sure do miss those days.

My boys had a sparring contest of wits today. "Your retarded" Mike says, Nate replies "your retarder" Mike comes back with your retardest" Nathan ends it "Your retarded to infinity" Well that cleared up alot of things for me, I know for sure that they are both retarded.



Champurrado said...


I feel, what, unfairly honored. Thanks for your very gracious mention. Like Hunter Thompson, I'm a fan of huge, heart stopping breakfasts. My personal preferences includes multipole varieties of bacon, sausage, steak if available and eggs cooked in any manner. I make my 6 year old something called "eggs in a hat".

Take one piece of white bread. Cut a perfect circle out of the center. Butter one side of the bread and the cut-out circle. Melt 2 tsp butter in a skillet over medium heat. When butter sizzles, place bread and circle butter side up into the pan. Break one egg into the hole in the bread. When egg is done on one side, flip it and the circle. Cook to your desired doneness and serve with the circle.

AlmightyHeidi said...

YeS!! Chicken in a basket it is called here in the south:)

schaumi said...

I've read your blog several times...
I just don't comment all the time...
gotta go and take the kid trick or treatin'

MaQuade said...

Retarded... Retardeder... retardedest... Christ, they should BOTH be wearing HELMETS!