Whats Wrong With This Alien World????

Things I have noticed that are just wrong:

Nose rings

Nipple rings

Any ring hanginig off the body other than the earlobes

I have one foot bigger than the other. One is 8 1/2 one is 9

Oh quick story because this is just wrong: My son who is 10, has told me that he is in pain, it feels like "jackhammers" are attacking his "balls" I take him to the Dr, where they do a urinalysis, which I foulnd out today was ok, and for them that was the end of that. how would they like to feel like he does. He is having trouble peeing there is something wrong. My mom (who has been my saviour) takes him to the Dr. for the second time this week for me. After Michaels appointment he calls me on the cell and says "Mom there gonna take it off an put on a 'baginer" so I can pee better." He's kidding of course, but just because he thinks that way...is just wrong.

Cancelling an appointment , omnly for them to call me today to confirm on a message machine that I am still on the schedule.

Stupid people.

At the end of the month and not being able to pay the bills.

Credit card fees


Having to buy a winter coat in Florida

Email Viruses

Demon possesed x husbands...seriously one is really scary.

People shopping at Wal-mart

Broken dishwashers.

Getting my brakes fixed three times, only to never have them fixed right so my car sounds like it is farting evrytime I go to stop.

Men that are gay, and cute, that should be on the market for the rest of woman kind.

Nosehair clippers


Any smell coming from any part of the body


Kids math homework...that I don't know how to do, and god knows this, and he is up there laughing watching me try and figure it out : There is a jet plane with red wings traveling north at 500 miles per hour, and a train is going in the opposite direction at 235 miles per hour, and a car, a jaguar, traveling west at 57 and 1/2 mph. The train smashes into the car, the car smashes into a brown dog, the plane runs out of gas, and drops out of the sky. What is the dogs name and how fast was he running.

Today life sucks, but it must go on because I still have one.


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happyandblue2 said...

Hope your son is ok now.
I like math but that question is beyond me, tee,hee..