Cold Turkey

And I'm not talking about the Turkey after the Canadians Thanksgiving recently!!

Ok this is a learn from my experience moment. After being on painekillers for a month I finnally had a spinal epidural which did wonders for my back. So I quit taking them, and I had none left the day after the epidural anyways.

Day1 cold Turkey: Got a fever, my stomach hurts bad. In my mind I am thinking surley I have must have contracted spinal meningitis from the procedure, I call the doctor and he assures me this is normal.

Day 2: Fell like I have the flu all day

Day 3: Feel like I want to puke all day but can't. Just want to make it through work. Go home, make dinner, and puke. Feeling better that I have puked, the I continue to do so 2 more times. I then think I have an ulcer from all the meds I have been on, it makes perfect sense to me. I take some pepcid, and want my mommy.

Day 4: I feel like Hell and just want to stay in bed, but get up and go to work in a daze. I can't stop sweating. My son does not call me when school gets out. I get home and his backpack is not there, after calling all his friends and searching the neighborhood, am about ready to call the police. I forget my son has Science club after school, and pick him up 2 1/2 hours late.

Day 5: I talk to the medical insurance company on the phone asking them why it is going to cost me $1000.00 for an injection. I ream her out, then go in the bathroom at my work and cry for 1/2 hour just because I'm so petrified of going backinto the state of pain I was in before if I don't get the shot. Then I become the EXorsist child. Every thing is getting on my nerves. "IF ANOTHER FUCKING PERSON STEPS ANOTHER FUCKING FOOT INTO MY OFFICE I WILL KILL THEM, YOU GOT IT??" I yell at my most hated co-worker. I look at a bookeeping statement 10 times. Each time I read it I cannot retain it. It's driving me batty.

I leave the office and go into my car praying and smoking. (That's just all wrong in and of itself) Dear God, WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?? I am like the schizophrenic PMS'd crazed lunatic.

Finnally it Dawns on me, I have an a moment to myself and realized I am not really crazy after all...I am simply going through withdrawls. Ah ha. The light bulb goes off and I have my own Intervention in my car...must get help before I get fired and run over the next person who pisses me off.
My doc was sooooo coool. "Whats up Heidi" he says
"I'm a druggie" I say in return and we both laugh.

So I get some more drugs to help me through the drugs I was on so I don't kill my family. Great.




Champurrado said...

Hard stuff. All the same, congratulations for self analyzing through this. Don't be bashful about asking for assistance.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks, feeling all beter now. It was just one week of hell.