Hurricaines in the Alien Land


Actually it went quite well, we were not in the direct path, the electric never went out, and we watched movies all day. It went from 87 hot and humid to the low 70's and it will be 49 in the morning. To us floridians, that is just freezing. I know it's pathetic, but were spoiled.

Kayla (My daughter) has crowned herself princess all weekend, and has been wearing a crown, spongebob slippers and a robe. She is 14. It is the funiest site you could see. I had to remember that the queen (Me) can tell a princess to do her chores much like her predecessor Cinderella.

The boys decided that after the majority of the wind, would take there rights as Princes and take off across the golf course gathering stray golf balls for play later on, scarring the wits out of the queen, because we did not know yet if there were any powerlines down, or any dangers lurking from the outside kingdom after the hurricane. The princes were then punished, and put in the rooms, and may be turned into frogs if they ever think about that again.

The King B decided he had enough of the storm and went to play pool all day, while the queen did laundry and was royally pissed. The queen then decided, screw the royal laundry, and drew herself a royal bubble bath and her and the princess then went on to to paint thier royal toes, and eat royal fudge icecream.

There are no real happy endings to such "fairytales", but at leat I enjoyed a blessed day off of work, royalty should not have to work anyways, but then I wake up.

So with too much time off I contemplate the whole meaning of life thing, god, and the whole schheeebang. For a looonnnggg time I belonged to an Assembly of God that I truly loved. Now, I realize that we all go through our own "stuff", but I just felt like it was just too much, and when there was too much, then more came. About 3 years ago I go up to the alter and prayed, laid down my position I had in church and said...enough. I love you god, but I give up. How much can one human be squeezed.

The sad thing was being involved in ministy in a big church, after I left and no-one asked why, or came over to comfort, but one of the pastors was fired after my departure, because of me.

I look back at alot of things and wonder where was the god in that picture, or a million other questions. I've come to despise organized religion, but am saddened because will I ever have answers, or something to fill that part of my heart that is empty?

See what happends when I think to much *sheesh*!!

Ok, will probably delete later.



happyandblue2 said...

And I thought all royal families had it so easy.
I think a lot of people struggle with organized religion..

Champurrado said...

I read a good well written argument recently about the whole how can there be a god if there is so much suffering issue. The author's conclusion was that you cannot prove an argument that bases the existence of god on the absence of suffereing. That we have suffering does not in and of itself disprove god.

I can't find the conclusive existence argument but now, at least I can let go of my "bad stuff equals no god" argument.

Not so easy, huh?

AlmightyHeidi said...

I have one question that might not be as so easy to answer...not so much the exsistance of god, bit what is a champurrado???