I feel like one of those Benny Hinn characters this morning as I am not walking with a cane. I feel great after the epidural. If you too would like to be healed I have set up an account in my name that you can send your money to, all credit cards accepted, and you will receive your blessing.

The only thing I will miss about my cane is Kayla, my daughter got me a sticker to put on it that says “I like men with lots of money” Good girl. Her mama’s teaching her right…now if I could just find one….

My back still feels injured and aches, but the crazy down on my knees, I need morphine kind of pain is gone.

I am trying to weasel my way into getting a nice new chair at work, due to my injury of course, leather would be nice:) The chair I sit in, really is a tool of Satan, and every time I turn in it, it sounds like I cut the cheese, It's just wrong. But my blessing of course is I feel almost back to normal..not that I ever really was normal in the head anyways. So to celebrate, my favorite song of the day off Napster is "Feels Good" by the Gorillaz.

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