The Alien Flu

I have not written a blog in quite ahile. I have been busy toting kids to little leauge, working, and trying to go to the gym, meanwhile there is housework to be done. This weekend with no help from the insignifigant other, the kids and I shampooed the carpets. We are trying to get the household ready after I had been laid up for almost six months, and having guests for the holidays. If you have ever rented a carpet shampooer, you know this is an all day pain in the ass job, because once the carpets are clean, you decise that everything else must be cleaned too. My kids were GREAT!! B had recived a 30.00 gift certifcate to tehe outback steakhouse, so we all went that evening after having a very hectic day starting with an 8 am baseball game. B was off playing pool or something that was not considered hard work. All the children had sore throats and were not feeling well, but pitched in nicely with everything.

Dinner was yummy, and very expensive as my 12 year old son had worked up an appetite and ate an entie rack of babyback ribs, salad and fries. After 2 glasses of wine I was so relaxed and full, and it felt great going to a clean home.

Sunday we went to brucnh for my mothers brthday and we all ate again untill we were stuffed. My daughter started looking really miserable as her tonsils were about the size of Texas. The boys came home...starting to feel icky also and went to bed, while I traveled onto a baby shower.
The insignifigant other wanted money to play poker with, so after the shower I gave him the money and left pissed....just because I can. He came home at 4 a.m. not that I really care I did not sleep the entire night, and I am not lying, I could not sleep I had just had it. Not one wink, not ten minutes, not one ounce of sleep

Finally I woke up at 6 am and decided I needed to go to work early to finish a paper I had been working really hard on for a week. I showered got ready and went to wake the boys. (Also I had about 5 cups of coffee)Nathan told me he didn't feel so well. 103 tempature. Then Michael says he doesnt feel so well...101. I had to call into work, on a Monday, and I know there were people there searing with hatred. I have missed alot of work days this year, I admit it, but what the hell can you do? Anyways they all have tonsilitis, so says the doc. I spent 4 hours today worried sick trying to get my sons fever down. He was so entirely ill, I ran a cool bath to get the temp down, and called his name to check on him outside the door, he did not answer. I opened the door, and he was snoring in the cold bathwater. I woke him up, and this is how I truly knew that he was sooo ill. he has hit puberty and god forbid if his mother walks in the bathroom on him. He just did not care. Yes I saw the wanker, and he did not care. I figured the boy must be admitted to the hospital immediatly!:)

So now it is 5 pm, and I have not had any sleep since Saturday night. I drank entirely too much coffee this morning to go back to bed, and I had nurse part of me going all day making soup, fluffing pillows and taking tempetures, and feeling the need to lysol everything. I actually feel quite slap happy and high and am very concerned to say the least because I do not feel tired. So now I am making a blog aand I wonder if it is really making sense or not? I had an entire 8 hours last night to contemplate my whole exsistence, I had about 3 pity parties during the evening, then about 3 talks to myself about what I could do to get my life back on track, then I started making up winning lottery numbers in my head, and was spending pretend money in my head, and sending my kids to college. right about then I would go into another pity party, because do you know how much college costs, and my kids don't have great grades, and scholorships would be like winning the lottery, and what if they don't get any, then they might end up at McDonalds as a fry cook, or struggling just as much as ther mom, which I don't want for them, it was just a real long night, and I don't want another one like it, so tell me...what works to make you sleep?

Heidi HOoooooooooooooooo


schaumi said...

what works to make me sleep?....hmmm...
pretending I don't have a family...
(doesn't really work though)

happyandblue2 said...

Wow. Hope everyone is healthy soon and you win a lottery.
When I can't sleep I just pick up a book. Works every time..

schaumi said...

I hope your children are better by now.