Announcing Almighty Heidi's New Side Kick.

I have a new sidekick. It will now be Almighty Heidi and her superhero side kick Happy and Blue. Firghters of all that is evil and protector of all justice, and group therapy leaders. (He was the only one who offered, besides that he has his same initials as I) My brother has now..been fired of his position due to non compliance with his superhero duties. Congrats Happy and Blue.

Now for the weeks gossip as I have been slacking on my blogger duties.

1. My back is feeling fairly back to normal and I have hit the gym...or the gym has hit me. I am working out on the tools of satan. ...the eliptical and treadmill. My legs hurt, my ass hurts, my arms hurt, my baby toe hurts. I am trying to make up for six months lost time not working out due to an injury. I miss the good ol couch days.

2. I VOLUNTEERED to take on more work last week at my job. The job that I had to threaten to quit if I did not get my raise. Now I know there is something wrong with my head. I think I am going to cry.

3. My car brakes are still making the farting sound, but I have been just too busy to take it back in.

4. The time change is pissing me off, and messing me up in the head.

5. Christmas list: I want my diswasher fixed, garbage disposal fixed and carpets shampoo'd. Unless there is such things as Santa, I think I will have to go online and figure out how to fix the first two.

6. Men are just annoying, and useless.

7. I wonder why it is that I have to repeat things three times to veryone to get anything done, especially the children. Turn the light off. Turn the light off. TURN THE LIGHT OFF. I think it may have been the time I dropped them on their heads.

8. I have been really talented at burning about 5 out of 6 meals as of late. I think the kids may be getting use to the taste of scortched.

9. Everytime I have gone to take a hot bath, my favorite moment of the dya, all the hot water is gone. Someone is in my house is going to die.

10. Last night I had this horrible dream that woke me up. I went to this place that was supposed to be a bar, then it turned out to be a church, but in this church there were like...deamons. I had this grim reaper kind of sicle and I went around killing all the deamons. As soon as I stuck them they *poof* went away is a plume of smoke. It bothered me.


happyandblue2 said...

Woohoo. I am the sidekick.
Glad you are working out. You have to be strong to be a super hero. Sidekicks don't have to be strong so woohoo again..

schaumi said...

congrats on the sidekick....he's bound to be truly useless...

Andrew_ said...

Obviously, like myself, you are a regular reader of Useless Men judging by #6. PS, I don't like to think of myself as useless so much as inept. I'm very good at what I do which in most cases ends up being nothing. :) I bet you followed happyandblue2 . . . JPTH . . . ME! Nice BLOGTREKKING Skills. Florida eh? My dad has an unpaid parking ticket in Florida . . .dicey. :)