Alien Thinking

What a long ass week. The kids were sick on Monday and Tuesday, Michael sprained his wrist on Wednesday, Nathan fell in gym class and sprained his back on Thursday. Yikes.!! Meanwhile as they have been home more and more with each other, I have developed new last names for them.
Michael Stop, Kayla Turnofftheradio, and Nathan Gotoyourroom.

On many trips to the pharmacy this week, I noticed something a bit strange. I had to wait in line, and noticed the normal array of things candy bars, lighters, cheesy small gifts for christmas like book lights, santa mugs and what not. Then I see it. A row of pregnancy tests. I'm thinking to myself, who in their right mind put that up in the checkout line??? Let's see, a pack of gum, a new lighter, and oh yeah, oops I almost forgot to get a pregnancy test, better get one of those while I'm at it. A man must have put that in the checkout lane. (Right next to the "Ultimate Zippo" that is about a foot long a foot wide, and I can imagine my kids thinking how cool, and setting the house on fire.)

I know each time it dawned on me..oh my god I missed my period, I felt this huge sense of panic, I could not breathe, my heart beart 250mph, and I tearfully ran into the nearest pharmacy, to go down "The row" The row of conceptiual items, condoms, summers eve, pregnancy tests, KY jelly and tampons. I grab the first test and run to the counter. Everyone in line sees the sense of panic, the woman look at me with knowing eyes, men look at me like I am a disease, but smiling to themselves thinking it "wasn't me" this time.




schaumi said...

250 mph heart beat? Been there a few times. When I did get pregnant it just snuck up on me...and my mate and I decided to get married after living together for 9 years....23 years altogether!

Mom said...

Hi Sweetie,

I give up. I can't find a single T.V. Guide in the hood...your Dad wants to watch "Medium" tonight in 3D; the T.V. Guide is supposed to have the viewer inside.

One of the boys left a present of "death by socks" in the "Pink Power Ranger" bedroom after their spendover Saturday night, and a layer of something gritty on the bedsheets and the terrazo floor, probably from the trip to New Smyrna Beach Raceway with their grandpa.

Hope your Monday at work isn't too awful. Give your Dad a hug for me...36 1/2 years together...