I have been trying to conjure up something really witty and fun to write, and...I think I have...writers block. Yes a female with nothing to say to many men is priceless. I have figured out now I have a total of 4 loyal readers, and I think I have posted them all. Thank you, oh loyal ones. So I leave it to you to post something about yourself...Let's make it something odd, for fun. For instance my left foot is bigger than my right. I sometimes...and I mean sometimes, when I laugh real hard...I have been known....to...snort. Right about that time, I just want to crawl under a table and die. I am a morning person and not an evening stay up late kinda gal, although I have been known to have bouts of insomnia that really piss me off every now and then.....So what's weird about you??

The Almightiest Heidi

P.s. To my sidekick brother "Captain Markle" : So you finally find yourself a girlfriend, and I don't exist?? Where is my weekly phone call?? You have three days then I denounce myself from the "sidekick"staus, and I will have to be...the Almighty Heidi, non-side kick participant, fighter of all that's bad and justice for all that is good. I'm calling the superhero union. It's like batman without robin...It's just not right:)

P.S.S: To all of my 4 loyal readers, there will be a job opening in 3 days for superhero's, as I will need my own sidekick. Please forward me your superhero applications. So there Captain Markle how do you like that, Mr. I'm too busy getting laid to be a superhero. ;)

Almightiest Heidi of ALL


Rainypete said...

So does that eman you have to change your handle to the Almighty Drifter?

schaumi said...

This is only a test comment. If this were a real comment it would be witty
and smart.

happyandblue2 said...

I can't think of anything weird about me. Is that weird.
I would make a good sidekick if needed..

AlmightyHeidi said...

Happy & Blue is Hired!!!!!!!!!!!!

schaumi said...

I'm suffering from writers block too. I did think of something weird about me though. I've been living with the same guy, the father of my children for 23 years. Now, that is weird.

AlmightyHeidi said...

Schaumi: That is weird in my book. No one makes it past 5 years in my world.