Rednecks & Alcohol

I absolutly have to tell everyone about our new years adventure. We went to a friends house in Florida about an hour away from our home. They invited many other friends who just so happened to be real country like rednecks. We grilled out, had a good time, I won a poker tournament, smoked an entire pack, because I was quitting the next day. And I really want to smoke right now.

I thought I would start out with a glass of Merlot, but it tasted real nasty, so I moved onto Captain Morgan. I did'nt want to be rude, so I finished the wine at dinner. Then I was invited for a shot of tequila, then another. Then I had more Captain Morgan, and Champagne at the end of the night. FYI: Wine, Captain Morgan, tequila and chapagne...mix ok... I was not as hung over as I was scared to death I was going to be.

Ok, now by 8 pm we were ddone eating and a bit...bored, so the redneck men started lighting the bottlerockets off...in their hands. They call them bottle rockets for a reason. *phoot* "Damn look at that un Dan, that there's pretty good" *Phoot* Whhhhoooooweee, I almust burnt off my fingers on that there one.

It was actually quite entertaining. Alcohol, rednecks and illegal fireworks don't mix.

Dan finally got his thumb burnt and cut by letting one of the bottle rockets go off in his hand....and he kept on doing it.

My friends live in a suberbia that used to be beautiful farm county. There is only a tiny bit of land left, which is a shame. The land that is left happens to be in their backyard.
*Phoot* the bottle rocket goes innto the air and lands in the field. *poof* Fire.

"Ya'll think it's going to put itself out?"

Ummmm noooo.

911 was finally called....by the neighbors.

Luckilly the owners of the field have sold it for development so all the field was going to be cleared anyways....my friends are very lucky, and.... dumb, and no charges were pressed.

This was the beggining of my 2006, I am not sure what to think about that......What do you think??



happyandblue2 said...

Sounds like a normal New Years celebration anywhere.
Except for the setting off firecrackers in their hands and starting a fire parts,ha,ha..

schaumi said...

Way-ell, shucks, now heidi, perhaps ya'll need to git yerselves friends with common sense.:)
But heck, what fun would that be?

Rainypete said...

Alcohol, rednecks and illegal fireworks actually do mix and make for some good entertainment I think.

AlmightyHeidi said...

To Rainy, Blue and the Foaming Moan!!

Gary said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog.
BTW, I have always wondered about God being Dog backwards. I just can't see HOW it could be just a coincidence.