The Almighty's Search for Her Own Planet

Once upon a time there was a girl, who was a woman, but wanted to go backand be a girl, but she is to old now, so thus once upon a time there was woman. She traveled down a long windy road, with many sharp rocks, and steep hills. She would climb up the hill with all her might, just to slide down getting cut on her ankles along the way. She tried again, and it would rain, and the rocks would get slippery and she would fall again. She would try a different path thinking this path looks nicer, but it would again lead to a hill with sharper rocks, and she would climb up spraining her wrists, twisting her back, and gashing her legs.

She took one more turn, and it lead to a big mountain. She climbed and climbed with all her might swearing to the god above that she would make it up the damn mountain this time. In the end she fell, bleeding every where, bruised and exhausted and she just did not want to get up.

Finally it dawns on her that she must walk around the mountain, thinking this was a great ephiny. Just to find another mountain and another and another and another. The mountains were a part of the path. Maybe she should just keep trying other paths till she got it right. Maybe she should just camp out and live the rest of her life and quit fighting the path and the hills and the mountains. Finally she says "screw this" and walks home, and watches lifetime TV all Sunday long, with a hot cup of strong coffee and biscotti. Sometimes, you just have to pretend that the damn mountains are no longer fucking there. :) Denile is not just a river, it can be a lifestyle too.


Heidi (p.s. I used spell check, it's a miricle!, and to Rainy Pete, we will talk about alien brains later this week:)


happyandblue2 said...

Good story. Too bad she didn't have an airline ticket. Then she could just fly over the mountains. And drink tea and eat the biscotti at the same time. And maybe even watch a movie.
But sometimes we just have to accept things for what they are.
Especially if we live in a one horse town without air service..

Rainypete said...


She should have just made her home at the top of the mountain. When people tried to bother her she could either pelt them with rocks until they left or she could throw them down the mountain.