The Drugstore

This past weekend I went into the drugstore to get some tylenol and what not. Something interesting caught my eye. Walgreens had put on a big poster stating something along the lines of, if you are in trouble we are here to help. It is a poster menat to help those young kids or adults who have babies, and instead of dumping themin a dumpster can drop them off at there local drugstore no questions asked. Hospitals and firestations have the same policy.

Ok so this is immediatly to where my mind went..it frightens even me that I am so warped.

After I saw the poster on the way out of the store, I smiled to myself. Here I am after a hellacious day at work, to go home, make dinner, help with homework, do laundry ect ect, while the kids play, or fight, and tell me what they want and why they need a trampoline like the other kids, and the man wants his dinner, and god forbid you forget his fork or his drik, because by god he works hard and deserves these things as part of a "complete" meal. I pictured myself loading up the kids, and the man and walking them into the nearest drugstore.

"Excuse me" I would say. "Is this where you drop off the children you no longer desire"

"Well ummm yes" says the woman out the counter. I leave them there and walk out the door.

Pinned on there shirts will be the following notes:

This is Kayla her skills include: talking on the phone for hours, chewing gum, doing her hair, dressing mainly in pink, her room is a pig sty, and she is really good at forgetting her homework.

Here is Nathan: He is a good chore helper, a jock, but has a bad temper, fights alot with his siblings but keeps a clean room, and makes reat grilled cheeses.

Finally there is Michael: A mama's boy, who is a good stand up comic, super bright, mkes great grades, but can ever find his shoes,and is an insomniac, and a whiner.

Oh and don't forget the man: I am throwing him in as a 4 for one special...he's not much good at...well anything.

Thank you, good luck and have a nice day.

It was a moment of release for me as I am a wicked day dreamer. Then I walked in the door, hugged all the kids and I do admit, I love all the quirks about them regardless. Part of being the mother, I do wish I had more time to be.

Happy Monday,



Rainypete said...

Geez, now I'm scared. I'll be checking my shirts for notes before the wife sends me out for the day.

schaumi said...

Funny! That's just how I feel sometimes.