The Frontal Lobe of the Almightys Brain Speaks

Heidi's Brain: Wow, two posts in a row, this is truly an accomplishment for the new year, either that you are really lonely and pathetic, but to make yourself feel better we will go with the "accomplishment" speech.

So far on my new years resolutions, I THE ALMIGHTY HEIDI did finally wash my car....yes, and I think my car tried to wag it's tail. There is something that you all must know, is that where ever I am, a dark cloud follows. Heidi's Brain: Yup. Like the previous post...we celebrate New Years, and an entire field catches on fire. On Christmas eve...I get a flat....stuff like that. So I wash my car and the next day I pull it into work and my co-workers ask me if I drove it through a chicken coup. Heidi's Brain: My co-workers SUCKAll over my car was this white looking feather material...but it wasn't a feather...it was just white ash or dust. I was pissed. But luckily here in Florida it does not snow, it rains, so it washed it all off. Heidi's Brain: It was after New Years, maybe you ran it into a chicken coop and just don't REMEMBER
Heidi's Brain:Oh and to all the REALLY cold northerners reading, it was almost 80 today, not a cloud in the sky and just BEA-UTIFUL out so nanny nanny boo boo.

Speaking of cold, we here in the south think it's real cold when it drops to 70 or below. Heidi's Brain:Yup, baby it's 68 time to get the heavy sweaters out of the garage!! 50 degrees and we really want to declare it a snow day because it is just to damn cold to go outside to the car, and wait for the heat to turn on. It's very pathetic. I have lived her 16 years now, and I have turned into a wus.
Heidi's Brain: My children are wusses too.

The smoking thing is ok...just a bit bitchy and almost had a prozac moment with the boss man...
Heidi's Brain: Yeah I'm talking about God. I haven't been too happy with him lately. I figure he is just listning and laughing histerically at my spelling (since I have spelled Brian and not brain about 57 times in a row)and at my schizophrenic moments.

Heidi's Brain Again: I REALLY WANT TO SMOKE.

Dog ...is the bossman spelled backwards, and he seemed to be a better listener The dog we were dogsitting and the dog I fell in love with ....had to go back home. This was not a happy moment for me, Heidi's Brain: I am thinking about adopting.... not another child, noooooooooooo!!! A short haired, I'm not so allergic to, rescued, hopefully potty trained, won't eat all your shoes dog. I know I am asking for alot from the dog species, but I have very high expectations that set me up for failure. It's a part of an on going cycle.... Heidi's Brain: Similar to the menstrual cycle we have that men don't like mentioned...we have sex for a few weeks , then feel PMSy, and then well all men suck for a week, then it's all better when it gets back to the sex stage and the men don't know what the hell just happened, kinda like that. Oh yeah and life sucks too, and where is my chocolate?? We will discuss that in group therapy next week:)

I have not colored my hair yet...so far I have held myself back, there are only so many shades of brown anyways. I have used spell check a few times here and there, and I am going to the gym tommorrow. I figure I can knock out my new years resolutions list all in one shot so I can get this over with.
Heidi's Brain: That a girl

Well it's getting down to a freezing 71, so I am going to put on my sweats and make some hot chocolate and call it a night. Take care friends.

Heidi's Brain: If you drink hot chocolate now, you are going to have to pee like a maniac at 2 in the morning.

Heidi..... & Her Brain


happyandblue2 said...

LOL. Heidi's brain is smart. Heidi should listen to it..

Rainypete said...

Go Heidi's brain! Chock full of chicken coopy goodness.