Taking The Path Of Most Resistance

I'm sure I am not the first one to think of this quote, I like to think I made it up myself and be quoted in the blog world near and far. This month has truly been a month of hell, and I do a lot of thinking while doing the dishes after the kids have gone to bed. I can't remember what that nights dilemma was, but I thought of the phrase "taking the path of least resistance" and it made me laugh, every time I TRY and do that I get stuck taking the one with the most. Damn.

This month my car broke, my daughter went to the ER with torn cartilage in her knee (the er staff knows me by name, it is scary they are going to think I am a child abuser, I forgot to pick my son up 2 times from basketball, and a lot of things at work piled on at once. Not to mention some financial burdens. The list Gooooes on mut I do not want to bore anyone. I did however have a dream earlier this month about 13 tornadoes, spanning off from one very large one, and trying to out ru them. I figure if the tornadoes had symbolism as to my issues I have about 5 more tornadoes to go.

In these times of stress I tend to question everything in my life. Maybe it is just the stress. I did end up coloring my hair finally. I have almost black hair with green eyes, so I did this slight Burgundy reddish tint on top that looks really awesssome. I truly am trying to find my look, really when you go deeper down, I am trying to find myself. Where did I go. Anybody seen the Almighty Heidi?? (Where's Waldo??)In the times of stress you try and do things to make yourself feel better, but I can't quite remember what those things are. I am going to list some things to see if I can sort it out, and will take any therapy advice:)

1. Number one, I love chocolate. This leads into #2.

2. I think I like working out. It's really a mental thing. The thought of going to the gym makes me not want to go. I think of every excuse not to go, but then I go, and ultimately feel better. I do like to look good...Which leads into #3.

3. Shopping: I don't like shopping..The act of shopping, but I like buying something that looks really good on. I do have a shoe addiction.....Thus #4

4. When you live in Florida your feet are in sandals, or cutsie shoes all year round that show your feet. You don't want to look like you have icky man calloused feet, so I like making my toes...Look pretty, if there is such a thing. Nail polish is an amazing thing.

5.I like writing. ths has always been my favorite thing to do, even if I am not good at it.Finding the time to do it, and thinking of something to write, can be a challenge. My best blogs have been when I have had no subject to write, and it just comes out. I enjoyed my last 2 blogs.

6. I hope my moms not reading this blog...well I can't even say it...but it is how I became the mother of three children, and no it wasn't child birth.

7. I used to like to paint water color. I sucked at it, but I like the way the colors blend.

8. I like a clean house. A clean house that smells like vanilla and cinnamon.

9. Hot baths.

10. Wine or captain Morgan (you ho ho and a bottle of yum)

11. Poker

12. Purple, cranberry, and certain colors of blue.

13. Decorating

14. Big, luscious fluffy bath towels and robe.

15. New socks

16. Quiet nights with nobody home but me, peaceful music, candles, bath, and wine, all together.

17. Different flavor foods...Unique I guess. Then the basic Chinese, and My all time favorite Italian with a red wine.

18. Love it when my brother comes to visit. Love my parents very much.

19. The beach.

20. Winning the lottery. I have not done that one yet.

So basicaly I need to eat chocolate, go to the gym, shop, get my nails done, write a blog, have sex, paint, clean my house, drink lots, play some poker while looking at the color purple, decorate, put on my big fluffy robe and new socks I just bought while shopping, have a peaceful evening, while bathing, drinking lots, eat chinees food, invite over a hot italian man...oh that was eat italian food...oops, visit with my brother and parrents not telling them about the hot italian man, go to the beach and win the lottery and all my troubles will be over.


Not so much your sarcastic Almighty Heidi tonight, she'll be back in a few days:)



schaumi said...

This is the motto I live by: Why take the easy way when there's a hard way. I don't want to live by that motto, but I do every time, it seems..
Just keep on painting those toes...

Champurrado said...

Ms. Almighty:

But don't you find it difficult sometimes to get into that easy resistance lane some days? I have a recurring dream about travel. In the dream, one travel option is to just get on the train and go. The other is to walk along the edge of the train platform until I get to a wall along the tracks; then I cross a tressel and try to keep along the route of the train by tightroping the area along the tracks dodging all the obsticles along the way. I always seem to take the difficult path given the choice. E tells me all the time i should just "take the train."

Gary said...

Maybe you should try water color again. I find that sometimes I have a new approach to something if I haven't done it in a long time.

Rainypete said...

Are you sure you weren't a guy in a past life. We men folk always do thiungs the hard way. We thrive on the cahllenge!

happyandblue2 said...

I like stress. As long as it's not me that has it. So stress on I guess..