Pot Roast Sunday

Today was Pot Roast Sunday. It is pretty much a norm around here, anything you can throw into a crock pot, so you don't have to "cook" is my specialty.

My middle son has been giving me alot of 'attitude' that I must nip in the butt. This weekend he told me he was going to the movies, and did not ask. He told me he was spending the night at his friends, and did not ask. After he was grounded, and found out that this included taking the x box out of his room, his tv, and his radio, and anything that brough him any kind of 'joy' other than a book, he decided to tell me how much I suck.

I was watching a discovery show about dogs. Because they run in packs they look for the dominant male, and if there is none, they assume the authority, and lead the other dogs.

Because of the lack of a dominant male in my household, my son has decided to take on the roll of dominant dog. I have held back the urge to beat my son into realizing I am the dominant 'bitch' (Hehehe female dog get it?) of the home, and proceeded to stand firm and make his life a living hell untill he conforms.

Realizing from the discovery channel there must be an all out fight, to see who the winner is, it is my every intention to win.

I did have a good laugh today as I let him outside for one task today. My daughter is 15 and wants to be a CSI investigator. She was 'pretending' to be one today as she drew my sons outlines with white chalk in the driveway, and took pictures of the "crime scene"

If the neighbors did not know she did this, they might be inclined to belive that I finnally "did in" with my son. It made me laugh.

All in all he is a good pup at heart, he just needs some help finding his way, and
that I still make the rules.

Have a great Sunday.

The bitch..Almighty Heidi.


schaumi said...

you cook like i cook, discline like i do. i've had the no electronics, (except for light) curfew. i've known mothers that have taken the doors off their sons rooms. i haven't had to resort to that. all in all, i'm pretty lucky, my son is a good kid but the teenage years are teenage years and sometimes i could just smack of over the head....(plus my spouse too, and my eight year old, the cats, the dog....)

Gary said...

Sounds like you know what you're doing. Teenage boys can really be tough. I know I was. :)