Tagged and did not realize it

This is the first time I had been tagged...and I did not know untill today. http://thefoamingmoan.blogspot.com/ had tagged me quite awhile ago. I caught up on some reading, and thee it was.

This is where I talk about me. I had written a BIG GIGntic thing about me, and somehow in my drug induced state, pushed something, and bam, it was gone. GRRRRR.

So here is a shorter version, because I just wasted a half hour on NOTHING!!!

1. I have one foot larger than the other, that you can't see, unless I take my shoes off when I'm really really drunk and show everyone. Let's just thank god, that (except 2 other unmentionable occasions) it is just my feet I am showing. I wold like to apologize now to my kmom if you are reading this.

2. I love to drink a good wine with dinner, and have an affair with captain morgan every other weekend when my kids are gone:)

3. I am 5'9, have cat like green eyes and have deep dark brown hair, most people say it is black.
I am shallow in the ways where I like to look nice, and will rarely be seen in public without at least lip gloss. But I am noot a hiar flipper, look at me girl. I hate those.

4. I am somewhat of a nerd due to my fathers love of science fiction: star treck, buck rogers and the 21st century, battle star gallactica, and all teachable things on tv like national geographic, and such. My brothers plans after the airforce are to come here to florida and work for nasa. I want to finish my nursing degree and go into research, but....that is a dream, I have three children who are a priority.

5. My mother was and still is an eccentric artist, who is highly talented, and one of those who will be famous after she is dead. (that ois the way things work in the artsist world). However, she cannot die soon ans she is my superhero, sticking with my father for 35 years and beating cancer, and wroking through congestive heart failure.

6. Damn this is still long. I love to read. There how is that.

7. I would like to get a dog. I think I would have more companionship than the relationship I am in now.

8. I have been married twice, and do not think I will ever marry again. I picked an alcoholic, and then a drug addict (who were clean at the time of marrige) I saw something good in them, but addictions alwasy come back. I am just not good with relationships, and men see my independance, as a way to hurt their ego's. I just don't get it.

9. I hate my car, and need to pay off 5000.00 before I can trade it in.

10. I have three children that are complete opposites: Kayla is a true blone who walks into walls, and has a phone growing on her ear. Nathan is a ports guy, and is completly muscular at 13, a complete stud, and girls call him...constantly. Michael is a comedian/genius. He will be going to MIT., as he is a nerd. We are all so diffent it is hard to find the happy medium to keep the peace some days.

Thas it...me in a nutshell.

The Alien brain invaded Almoighty heidi.

P.S: x-dell, gary, rainy pete, happy and blue 2,any useless man, luxluvista you are all now hereby tagged.


Happy and Blue 2 said...

Good list. How much bigger is this huge foot.
I have already done a 100 things about me list so I will never write another thing that relates to me.
Except in my blog posts. Which don't include meme's. But do relate to me sometimes. So they are kind of like meme's. In a sort of way.
Anyways, your list was very interesting..

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks happy..the foot I haveone that is 8 1/2 and one that is 9.

i enjoyed your list of 100 things...far more interesting than mine:)

schaumi said...

enjoyed your list, heidi. thanks for playing the tag game.
...and one of these days you will get that nursing degree, so hang in there.

Lady Lux said...


I would never bare my toes...I just said that in my recent post!...

I feel like I've known you for 10 years!

X. Dell said...

ou wee better left untagged, especially since you tagged me. I already answered one tag, and swore that I wouldn't do it again. But for you, Heidi, I'll at least consider it.

(1) Um, to give you fodder for male bashing, I will state here and now that I would prefer to imagine the two unmentionable ocassions.

I'd assume that your feet are the only part of you that aren't symmetrical. It could be worse. I had a girlfriend once who was asymmetrical someplace other than her feet. I bought her a T-Shirt that said "Welcome to St. Louis" because she's from there. But when she put it on, it read, "Welcome to St. LOUIS." She didn't speak to me for a couple of days after sh tried it on.

(2) I've known quite a few women who prefer Jose Cuevo, and one who flirts with Johnny Walker. Another gave up Jim Beam in deference to her dear old grandad.

(3) You sound as though you might have receieved a few wolf whistles over the years.

(4) I really hope the nursing degree becomes a reality, someday.

(5) One thing I like about your mom is that she's damn funny. I guess you two share some kind of commedy DNA.

(6) Gee, funny, a reader, 5'9", two unmentionable occasions...C'mon, Heidi, your just toying with us guys, aren't you?

(7) I recommend hounds. They tend to be pretty smart.

(8) I'm sorry to hear about your divorces. I'm at the age now when it breaks my heart to see my friends end a marriage. Then again, I'm also grateful that they've gotten out of bad marriages. Maybe your current relationship will work out fine, marriage or no.

(9) I had one friend who got so frustrated with her car, she named it "Dammit."

(10) They sound like three wonderful kids to me. And I hear that they have surgery nowadays that can remove cell phones from tenagers' ears.

Rainypete said...

DOH!! I'll add it to my meme pile.

AlmightyHeidi said...

x-dell....you crack me up. Fortunatly when I wear my nike tee- shirt I do no nootice niKE. Now, of course you will always have that engrained in my head, and will always be checking my breasts out, and checking other womens out just to see if t is budwiser or BUDweiser...as a man, you have already enjoyed this tidbit of free information given unto you :)

My mother is mentally ill, thus the common DNA (kidding...sort a. :)

I am going to hell for my last comment about my mother

I don't belive in divorce, so I came to a conclusion, if you don't get married, then you can't get divorced, so I no longer have to worry about those issues.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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