I dunno

I have been reading some pretty damn amazing blogs lately, and I am getting an inferiority complex. Today I am struggling, I went back to work before I was supposed to, and feel guilty for calling intoday because my back of course hurts. WHY DO WOMEN FEEL GUILTY ABOUT EVERYTHING (and men nothing *male bash of the day*)

Well,I thought I would share with you the mothers day card that I got from my daugter. She has just turned 15, and we are real close. She knows that I had her at 18, and she has such a big heart she can see that it wasn't easy, and never has complained. Plus: I really have no crreative thought in my mind to write about today...nothing, nada, zero, ziltch.

Dear Mom,

Mommy dearest (ok..so we watched the crazy movie mommy dearest with Joan Crawford, and I tease her....and since then she has called me this in public which she knows I cant stand)

I love you and this is your special day besides your birthday. I want to thank you for having giveing birth to me, excluding that other disgusting part that made me (talking about sex) I would not be alive. Thanks fo taking care of me, even though I was a suprise at an ang that should not even be mentioned. Besides that I love you. I live up to you through these years that have passed. We have grown to be best friends. I enjoy that we can still talk and I can tell you anything. Love Kayla.

I am not sure if she had just slammed me, or gave me a really sweet gift:)

We are reallly close, and have an open relationship to talk, hoping like every parent that they do not make the same mistakes that you do, and she told me about her first kiss, on the outside, I nodded my head, and told her how wonderful that must have been, on the inside I am screaming and want to kill the son- of a bitch that kissed my daughter.

T.A.H. : the Almighty Heidi


happy and blue 2 said...

When it comes to sex I think the army has it correct. Don't ask, don't tell.
Life is simpler that way..
Nice card from your daughter..

schaumi said...

Women feel guilty about everything because men make them feel guilty by saying dorky, inconsiderate, insulting things to them. There, that's my male bashing for the day..
It's all the guys fault.

schaumi said...

ps: you are one of the first bloggers I've blogged with. You have a great blog and you have made me laugh plenty of times.

Rainypete said...

What a cool card to have gotten.

Why women feel inferior is a mystery to me. They seem programmed to not be able to recognize their accomplishents. We men don't seem to have that problem. A woman can raise a child or twelve while curing cancer and successfully feeing the entire with one porkchop and a potato, but she fels like she's slacking off. A man picks up a sock and he's a hero. If you ask me you're all too hard on yourselves.

X. Dell said...

(1) Um, if given a choice, as if on a true-or-false test, I'd opt to think that your daughter gave you a gift that will increase exponentially in value over the years.

(2) I understand where you're coming from, Schaumi. My sister was the first woman to alert me of those tendencies within myself. I try to be considerate and supportive, but I'm sure I fall down a lot. (I do have a streak of machismo herein.)

Also agree with Pete. Society places so much value on whatever it is men do, even if what they're doing is traditionally considered women's work.

Consequently, Heidi, the contrapositive is also true. Womn's faults are villified more than men's faults. After all, Adam and Eve both bit the apple, but only the latter takes on the brunt of the blame.

(3( I didn't realize you were so young.

(4) Does your daughter read your blog?

(5) I love your blog, and your ferocious sense of humor. That's why I link to it. It really is an excellent site.

schaumi said...

Oh, excuse me Heidi while I respond to x.

...as long as you are aware of those traits..:)

happy and blue 2 said...

Oh, and by the way, I really like your blog..

X. Dell said...

Scahumi, I've found that if you ignore those traits, someone will eventually point them out to you.

AlmightyHeidi said...

You all make me laugh:0) No my daughter does nnot read my blog, but I have given her the gifts of a being a trong woman, and she has my wit...but more in a blonde sense:)

Thank you all for your comments *blush*

I think personally I am torn in the womans world today. I have it in me to want to do all for my familky, to stay home and do 'woman's work", not meaning that to sound degrading, then I have a pull towoarda a career, then a pull twoards selfishness, then a pull back to the family. We are expeced to fufill full time jobs and positions in the home as well, ect ect.

schaumi said...

you might wanna pop on over the x.dell's site...

Lady Lux said...

If only my sons would write something...anything...

Anonymous said...

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