"Don't look where you fell, but where you slipped"

Another good quote. just had to say it. I am not basing the blog on it though. However I do want to speak on yesterdays.
About an hour afterwards I got a call from my sons doctor. He went in for a physical for school, and we got some routine bloodwork done. I did notice after the fact that one of the blood tests was wrong, instead of checking UA (for urinalysis) which is common in a physical, the doc accidently checked the box below for uric acid.

I was too late for me to get the script changed as my mom was taking the kids the next morning.

The Uric acid came back elevated.

Now unless my 14 year old is a raging alcoholic or has gout, this level should not be increased. Gout is NOT common in children or teenagers, but in males 40-50 years of age. Nathan, is not an alcoholic...that I know of....I laughed, but only for a second.

This abnomal level could be anything from Juvinile RA (Rhematiod Arthritis) to cancer.

There are time like this when I wish I was never a nurse, and completly ignorant of any of this. I am going to get him re-tested, with about 50 dozen other tests next week.

Where did my pineapple go?

Did my pineapple turn out to be that the wrong set of tests were ordered, to avoid future health issues, or worsening of issues already rearing it's ugly head? Bittersweet?

This is the part of the un-controlable life set of circumstances. The inside is screaming to panic, while my mind says, just wait and re-do the test, and go from there. But the moms heart keeps saying...panic panic panic.

Life can sure change on a drop of a dime can't it?

The Almighty Heidi...who can't control the unseen, and hates it.


foam said...

yes, it sure can..
i'm hoping the best for your son when he is retested.

X. Dell said...

We all hate the uncertainty. As his mother, it probably tears at you. While the test has a good news/bad news component to it, the pineapple is more sweet then bitter. After all, it's always better to find out early, thus giving you a chance to nip the more dangerous things in the bud.

I think the retests are a good idea. I've gotten false positives from medical tests before. My parents didn't sleep for weeks afterward.

foam said...

so, long time no here.
is your son okay?

X. Dell said...

Still wishing you and your son well.