Alien Diffrences

Ok..so I drunk blogged. I was gonna take it down, but like all great things there’s a place in history that you must remember the drowning in the self pity woah is me. I hate those moments because it’s those weak vulnerable times where I forgot to guard my heart, sometimes it is just safer to keep the walls up, maybe not healthy, but this is the way of the almighty Heidi’s self preservation technique that has brought her through many times before.

Soooo like I always do let us change the subject and continue on the path I like the most, which is laughter is the best medicine.

This morning started like any other morning, went out, and walked the dogs. Made my coffee, showered and brushed my teeth. There was something not quite right about my toothpaste. When I looked down at the tube, I realized it was hydrocortisone cream. YUCCCK. Last night I was out on the porch where the big ol’ giant Florida mosquitoes should be gone, but the last of their kind for the winter decided to have one last bite at me. I put the cream on my hand so I would not scratch it all night, and was..well buzzed, and put it in the same drawer as my toothpaste. Nicccceee.

So last night I had yet another night of Insomnia, mixed with stages of sleep with beyond strange dreams. I was restless in the sense of thinking about relationships and how they change over time, and trying to figure out why. I see myself leaving the one I am in, however..damn I am tired of “working” at a relationship, so why have one? So to help answer this I went to the root..the differences between men and women to try and figure out the “why” of certain things.

1. “Girls develop the right side of their brain faster than boys” The right side of the brain is used for talking vocabulary, reading and memory..and intuitive information. So..now you know why your mom always KNEW everything…and your wife or girlfriend can sense what is going on..even if you are trying to hide it..we know. We got one up on you already…and since our memory was developed earlier..yes we remember everything wrong ever done…..and since the vocabulary is put in effect earlier…we will talk about it for the rest of your life.
2. Boys are handled more physically and more robustly than girls and are bounced around more…which I think rules my theory of all men must have brain damage. It makes sense right?
3. Teenage girls talk about boys, clothes and weight…..teenage boys talk about sports, mechanics and function of things….Gee..wonder what funtions they are talking about here…hmmmm.
4. A man’s sense of self is determined through achieving, successes, by doing these things he feels..Competent… I think they do have a little blue pill for competent issue.5. A woman’s sense of self is defined through sharing their feelings..thus my drunken blog, they spend time nurturing talking, sharing and relating.

Well that about does it for the differences for today..and a little note from the almighty heidi..never drink and blog


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