Well, Thanksgiving came and went. We had some terrific food made by my father, and my children, now I am enjoying the benifits of the leftovers. My only question is..

Who ate all the pie??


I was trying to find the camera and did not find it untill after he left. I know with my mom leaving him he was in no mood for pictures, but I felt it was so important to dig out the picture a few years from now. I remeber looking back at pictures of Easter with my kids..Michael was just barely four, and I was having a rough time just being divorced. There is a picture of me smiling at my child, but my eyes were so sad. I look back and that pain of that time felt like it would last forever...but it didn't, I was ok, I made it through that particular time, that crisis.

My children took a few pics over thanksgiving...there is a picture of me..a picture 10 years later from the easter picture..and I see the same look.

For now, it's time for me to go outside and enjou the 78 degree day. It is absolutly beautiful in florida, and this weather does not last long.




..................... said...

heidi ..
i've been reading your posts ..
i hope that time will heal your father's pain.
and i sincerely hope that you come to decisions that are right for YOU .. and then your family .. and by family, i mean just your children ..

..................... said...

ohhhhh, you might not know ..
that's me above..
foam .. :)

AlmightyHeidi said...

Thanks foam, you have always been truly wonderful:)