The Alien Quest For Knowledge

Next year Kayla will be a senior, Nathan a sophomore, and Michael a freshman. …and well I have wanted to go back to school for years.

So I have an application on my desk. I finally gilled it out today after going through a zillion excuses in my head why this was a bad idea…

Then..I called for my transcripts…(college for 1 year in 2000) I surprised myself…I actually am moving forward in this. I want this.

Well, when those come in, I’m just gonna turn them in and see what happens.
I took an online quiz, I have to take an entrance exam. English was wonderful..math..algerbra…oh my god. Silly that I do a lot of bookkeeping in my job, and can’t remember how to do algebra.

I figure..one step at a time..as I panic..and sweat…and am in need of xanex, and a shot of anything!!

Then..If I do get accepted…I have to break it to emotionally incompetent man. He is a controller .He does not feel it necessary for me to go back to school, what he means by that is it will cramp his style. Oh my gosh, what if dinner is not made, and the laundry is not done to perfection…this is why my school is not “necessary”
So…I’m going to step out on a limb….slowly..and see what happens…without Mr. incompetent more than likely..and live for me for once.

Here goes step one….

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foam said...

do it!!!
do it!!!
and basic algebra is really not hard ..
it's formulaic in a way..
if i, who iam lousy in math, can do it ..
you can relearn it too.
i don't think i'm liking mr incompetent too much here ..