What Heidi’s Aliens Think Of Re-incarnation?

So last night I am watching a show on Tibet, and it's most famous hidden text (later found thus the tv show duh..) “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”. It explains the process of death and rebirth. These are ancient stories, past down (and belived to prepare oneself for death, as the tv show honest to goodness said “Tibetans believed that death was imminent”

Hmmm..so..that means..we are ALL going to die?

Anyways, it was meant to prepare oneself..for death, and the Tibetans do not fear death as so many of us might. It speaks of seeing the “light” and walking into it. Then one experiences a sort of sensual temptation. Kewl.

99.9 percent of men would not pass the first level. ..this is just me talking here. Thus..be prepared, you’re in my only option in the Tibetian way is:

1. Hell or 2. Coming back to earth as an animal.

Now when I heard the animal part, I had to laugh. I looked at Cosmo and Winston snoring on my bed I thought, “Wow..what a hard life..They eat, sleep, shed, a lot, and right now they are both belly up wanting some loving and some good scratching”
Yeah, they must have been really bad formerly as humans…to live such a posh life.
Although I, my dad’s cat…is really Satan, seriously if anyone was a serial killer in this life, and came back as a cat, it is at my dad’s house. Come to think of it,maybe that is the fact for all cats….hmmmmm

Ok back to the program. If you pass the temptation then you go through some hallucinations, you meat death, and finally if you make it through all the “tests” along the way..well..you win.

You can come back as a god, or the ultimate gift is to come back to live as a human to learn suffering.

Now I don’t know about you, but suffering ain’t my thing. I kinda want to come back to something..with fluff and a bmw…screw suffering!

The ultimate gift is..you get to pick your own parents..but get this, it is a the moment of conception, so you actually get to pick your parents while they are doing the nasty.


Well, I hope at least the story made you smile.




foam said...

i could go for being a goddess with a complete retinue at my beck and call ..

X. Dell said...

(1) Foam, I would suspect that divinity is the ultiment in flunkiedom. The good gods seem to be about honor and service more than glory.

Just a thought.

(2) I remember when travelling through Greenwich Village some Hare Krishnas were telling me that if I didn't stop allof my wicked behaviors that I would come back as an animal. They pointed to the fact that I eat meat, and said that I would be doomed to come back as a tiger. I then asked, "Well, if I were a vegetarian, wouldn't I come back as a rabbit? Because frankly, I'd rather be the tiger."

(3) With respect to your last post, I can't imagine you made it through eighteen years before discovering your allergy to aspirin, of all things. Seems as though you would have found that out earlier.

(4) Summer school isn't a hefty price for a good daughter. Unfortunately, I'm sure you paid a good deal more than that over the years.

(5) I'not really a man-hater, but I sympathize with your plight. After all, I wouldn't date a man. Wouldn't trust one that close to me. The only type of person that's more treacherous is a female. Unfortunately, because of my flaming heterosexuality, I can only date females. That leaves me in a bit of a quandry, eh?

AlmightyHeidi said...

Foam... I like the way you think!!!

x-dell: I like point 2...quite funny!!
As for the asprin allergy, thy say that sometimes ou can take something all your life, and then you can develop an allergy..personally I think I might be allergic to men now..;)
Ans as for you male femail dilemna..I feel your pain. I figured I could become a lesbian or a nun at this point, which I am sure you are for the latter..ha!