58 percent of all adults have experience insomnia..some more than others like myself. There is nothing more aggravating than this constant tossing and turning. For the first time, I tried ambien, but I still wake up in the middle of the night. I do not want to take the new kind…the extended release..well..because..well

I talk in my sleep..I jabber…a lot. ..and have said things that have been..mean or inappropriate of sorts, and do not remember them..such as another man’s name…whom I do not even know, but maybe I wish I did?

I gave this genetic gift to my middle son who goes on and on in his sleep as well. So, if under no perception drugs in my system (or non) ..do I talk incessantly..I could only imagine what it would be like taking this medicine reading the side effects below:

“Sleepwalking, and eating or driving while not fully awake, with amnesia for the event, have been reported. “

I am like every woman am chronic dieting..I have no chocolate or goodies in my home whatsoever to sway any temptation.

I would be the one driving to the 24 hour grocery store buying some double fudge brownie ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, and whip cream and go at it..and not remember.

MMMMMMMM Double fudge brownie…….

What a bummer NOT to remember eating double fudge brownie ice cream. That is cruelty to one’s self…damn it if I am going to cheat I am going to remember it!!

So, through my dilemma of not sleeping I have tried new pillows, a new deliciously comfortable down blanket, I have kicked my pugs off the bed, only to hear Cosmo incessantly whine like he is in pain all night until I would put him back on the bed....

I have tried getting drunk…(not a good night in Heidi land, the bathroom floor is cold) then warm baths, warm milk, warm music, even an alarm clock that plays crickets, waterfalls and storms…it sounds like I am in the woods in the summertime, and want to bathe myself in OFF…..

So, until the stress lessens, and my brain can find a way to sync back with my body, I am just screwed..and I start blogging about “seeing all the pretty pink elephants floating by” or you see a lady in her pajama’s eating a gallon of ice-cream, shooting whip cream out of the can… with her eyes closed driving …it’s just lack of some good zzzzzzzzzzz’ssss.




..................... said...

ech ..
i've been there with the insomnia ..
hope you get your body back in synch, heidi ..

A fair fairy said...

I hope you find your insomnia remedy. I have been there too (it comes back regularly of course). I personally had to take the pressure of going to sleep off, otherwise I could never fall asleep. Then for about two years (but it took little time for it to work, I just liked it I think) I went to the gym late at night - like from 11pm to 1am - then I came home exhausted and crashed on my bed... obviously not easy with children I suppose... but what I want to say is... don't give up... even after years and years of insomnia, you can find YOUR way to deal with it.

A fair fairy said...

And I am very happy to meet you too :)

AlmightyHeidi said...

Foam..love ya girl!!
Fair Fairy..thanks for the lovely comments!!!!! New friends Yay!!