Right About Midnight.......

It’s midnight…and she sleeps…………
And sleeps……
And forgot to set her alarm clock for work.

So after the bouts of Insomnia, I finally slept. It felt so good, I almost forgot to wake up….luckily my dogs were like “WTF” and about explode, so they woke me up, and even though they are small, they dragged me down and out of the condo in three seconds flat. They were even pawing at the elevator door trying to make the thing open faster.

So I am not sure what did it…maybe some peace..or peace of mind, which is a funny story.

Yesterday, because of the lack of sleep, I was in a bad dream of moving too slow and having to get somewhere fast. I had a meeting, can’t find the keys, and then…my dog throws up his medicine…gross…on my brand new feather down wonderfully soft comforter.


I have to go, so I am gone. Then about 30 minutes into my departure. There it is. Any phone call from Bruce (My emotionally impotent other half) before 11 am, is a bad call. “I can’t find my belt, or guess what your kids did…blah blah blah, I’m a big baby,” I have come not to answer those calls anymore. Here was this morning’s message that put me in a foul mood..

“Why didn’t you clean up the dogs mess before you left?”
Now this pissed me off. He knew I had a meeting, and HAD to go. He saw the mess the same time I did..yet somehow it became my mess to clean up even though it is “Our” dog.

Now, not to get into the whiney female he does she does of a relationship..but this is a constant and I am a bit tired.

I did get an email and it said “ I know you don’t think it or feel it, but I really do love you”
It’s midnight…not in the dark or the light, the somewhere in between, which is an awful place to be..it is very grey….the place where we are at..
so she chooses to sleep. It is too difficult to handle now..maybe later……

I wrote back “Sometimes love is taking the sheets off the bed” I think I like that saying in more ways than one;)
I did not get a response, nor were the sheets taken off the bed when I got home..dry puke left for me to clean up.
What an ass.

I think perhaps I am going to go to the vet and have him put down...
no not the dog.

"Excuse me Dr....I need to put him down,or he just needs to ffind a new home he is food agressive, mean, and I do not even know if he has all his shots. He snaps at the slightest thing..and wel..let's face it, he is lazy and overweight too...."

*Evil grin*

That made me laugh




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