Life After Percocet...

Today it dawned on me…my new friend Terri wrote on her blog about this ol' blog, and my brother introduced me to facebook last night, where I listed Terri’s ,(hope you don't mind) and mine…and..I might have to actually start writing again. I know all my readers ( all three of them) have been wondering when I would come back....or have you?

Here is link to Terri's...it is inpirational, and her art is the most beautiful I have ever seen.

I started reading through my old entries and realized I needed to give you an update…and this will mark as my 101th blog…kewl….

My back surgery went wonderfully..they say third time is the charm. For the first time in three years due to this and the new drug Cymbalta (“because depression hurts”), I am pain free.

Let's just take a moment and CELEBRATE that.

I am not back to my old running days, but I am back up on the treadmill feeling liberated, and free..and back to the old new me…so I had to say goodbye to Mr. Percocet…ahhhhh it was fun while it lasted my friend.

Now as for the family...

Michael still has his nuts. (New readers are going WTF??..ok…it’s in the old blogs below)

Nathan is on medicine for the rest of his life…but unfortunately this medicine will never fixes his teenager attitude of Mr. Know it all, and I am too good for chores, and can I have 20 bucks even though I did nothing all day...I am thinking military school.Sometimes I think of moving to Nebraska and dropping him off at the local hospital. For those of you who haven't watched the news this is actually happingin in that state.It was meant for people who had babies and did not want them. instead of killing the child or doing something nuts they could drop them off at a hospital, no questions asked...but they forgot to set an age limit.
Yes, there is the evil mom in me smiling

"Well Nathan, we had some good years together, but you just don't listen any more, I hope you find a good family"


But realitly sets in, and I realize he is just as bullheaded as I am, and I do love him.

Kayla started her junior year off to a big bang in a boating accident and had broken three vertebrae’s, and herniated a disk….just when I got healed, she gets hurt….

Oh the life of a single mom is so fun.

She is ok, but hurting, and thank god can walk…I am praying she will heal instead of having to go through surgery. She is a strong and independent girl so I know she will do fine.

My parents are divorcing after 40 years, and my brother is moving to Japan….EVEN BETTER… I love life.

And just when life started to calm, just for one itty bitty second, the day I got Kayla out of the hospital after being there for several days….
My new (old adopted) dog Cosmo had surgery, which cost 1500.00, and for about 3 days peed on my brand new carpet…niceeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So what is a mom to do? Well as my friend Terri said “We must respect the struggle”

So in reply to that, I had one night without Mr. Emotionally Impotent (That’s my new name for formerly known as Mr.Insignificant….My going nowhere relationship), the kids or the dogs…
And Honored myself, and had a toast to my struggle…and a few more with my favorite man…
He starts with a “C”..

Captain Morgan of course, and that night SURPRISE he brought his lady friend “Tequila”gift from my friend Mary..and she had a toast too…then I honored myself a bit too much…
I found out that these Mr. Captain Morgans and Ms. Tequila don’t like each other that much the next day as my head throbbed, and my body begged for starbucks and something really really greasy…

Ok, Maybe that was not exactly honoring myself but, it was fun while it lasted and I suppose every few years a night like this comes along….and I did get a pedicure so that counts right???

Oh..and PS..If my brother is reading this..THE ELECTION IS OVER..SHUT UP ALREADY. Yes, I KNOW OBAMA WON....

More from the Almighty Heidi later….


Tha Almighty Heidi

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foam said...

oh goodie!!! heidi's back!!! .. i think...

glad to hear that your back is doing so well now. that must be such a relief. i'm glad to hear that michael got to keep his nuts...;). seems kind of important when you are running around full of testosterone. i might have to look up those hospitals in nebraska myself. you say no age limit? does that include spouses?
ya know .. everyonce is a while a woman deserves to go on a bender ..
screw the hangover. that'll pass ..