To Protect And Serve..and find the christmas spirit

This should have been the badge for all moms. No Not the pug...To Serve And Protect...Once we have our children every bone in our body will do anything to protect our children. But as they grow..into..oh say teenagers, it is hard to let go, and let them make some mistakes on there own.

What a tough balancing act. As a single mom you already have such a chore as being nuturer, which is natural to my own spirit, and then to have to be the discipliner..which is not so natural. I did not choose it this way..this is the way life just is.

I will tell you, my kids have turned out pretty good so far, so maybe I am doing something right, or perhaps I am just truly blessed.

The one thing that I have found is that single moms are sacred. they have superpowers that only a woman can posses. For Example:

Super Power 1.We know when something is wrong. Always. Intuition works wonders.

Super Powers 2 THRU 147,25,637,74,582,916,543,268,947,532,198,655,432:

We take care of family finances, laundry, fevers, broken bones, teacher appointments for issues in class,be the taxi mom..and still make dinner at the end of a 9 hour day at work, find time to work out, un jam the roter blades in the garbage disposal for the thrid time this week, dig out the toy car in the of pipes of the toilet, make cookies (after washing hands that is), find the remote control, find the batteries that are missing out of the remote control,take the dogs on a walk, wash the car, mising work taking your child three times a week to physical therapy, wooring about losing your job, all while wondering if my headache is caused by a throbbing brain tumor behind my right eye, and worring about the future, worring about my kids in highschool..................

Especially after a boy texed my daughter a picture of his...oh yes...might as well say it..his you know....that must have came from some porno magazine..because OH MY GODDDDDD

Then calling him up, flying off the handle and trying to find out who his parents are......

Ok..one more time..OH MY GODDDD

Funny how we manage to do all of that, and still feel guilty, not having enough time, or enough money, never feeling..enough.

Gee I wonder why I have insomnia.

So *Cheers* to all the single moms,and moms that have spoused that work 19 hours a day, moms who are unappreciated, or have no support at home..you are welcome in the single mom club too.

Meanwhile I wonder why am I not in the christmas spirit? For the first time ever!
The day after every thanksgiving I have always put the tree up..not this time. Mainly because I had to throw away my fake one, it was barely makin it last year. I wanted to get a real one, have the scent of Christmas in the house..and why not..the pine needles on the floor because I must live to clean. But they are sooo expensive and money has gone beyond the tight factor. It is BAD this year...but thee has been worse.

Where has my faith gone? I miss it..but can't seem to find it. Maybe it is in the same place as the remote control....

So I told myself..this week I will no matter the mood get the lights up, make some cookies, and enjoy the kids...and take away my daughters cell phone....



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